i'm spoon
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i really don't know what to put in this carrd because i made it solely so i'm not just hogging this url
if you wanna know more about my interests click pepper (black cat)
stan hatsune miku


i think enstars achieved perfection when they created nazuna nito.
ra*bits p! i like most/all of the units though
music main but i barely play the game tbh


Rank 178
ID: 21284833
10/10 eternals, 3 5*'d!
(tien, nio, okto)
i think cucouroux, de la fille and fraux are neat

Vocal Synths

(img: pjsekai)
my fav is miku but i like vocal synths in general!
(she's a huge comfort for me actually)
i don't really view them as characters though if that makes sense(?)
i listen to a lot of producers! i think

Rhythm Games

I like rhythm games a lot!
I consider myself above average at rhythm games.
I'm pretty good at vertical scrolling ones, and I'm trying to get better at button ones.
click the > button to see a list of what i play!

Rhythm Games

Project Sekai

been playing since release!

66/77 expert songs FC'd, rank 6 miku fan(1/28), rank 145
this used to be an actual "other" section but now its a placeholder for pjsekai


usual DNI criteria (racist, homophobic etc)
i'm an enstarrie so if you don't like enstars don't follow me ig

i'd rather not associate if you hate (hatsune) miku or something
and if you need me to refer to you as miku please block me (sorry)

i also post about baking a lot